Vision:  Honor and Excellence above all else – in support of the free, unfettered expression of positive, creative thought and action.

Mission:  To promote language as an art form by recognizing and employing it for its expansive, colorful and classical qualities.

What I believe:  The art of communication is under siege with tweet, post, chat and flame as the primary means of communication and the broader world is restrained to one-hundred and forty characters.  The elegant use of language to articulate more than mere words is in full retreat and the onomatopoetic significance of language that promotes and employs color, tone, texture and intent is displaced by curt, pointed, abrupt sound bites that rarely reflect the intent of the sender or considers the environment of the recipient.

This assault on language has reached a fevered pitch and the art of written human expression has fallen prey to the promoters of discourteous discourse that offers neither character nor substance.  “Dis-Coarse” – this forum – is committed to a renaissance of language and the intrinsic ability of the written word to express, inform and inspire.

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